ROZELLE – Second storey addition to a 120 year old home

“After hearing about Good Foundations Building from a family member who had used them for a significant renovation, we decided to use GFB for a second story addition to our house in Rozelle. As our house is over 120 years old and on a very small block, we were concerned that any renovations may reveal any hidden surprises.

Andrew spent a great deal of time in explaining what the building process on house would entail including any possible pitfalls. Most importantly he took time to understand the design concept and interior design of the new addition. This allowed him to provide considerable opinion and ideas, many of which we took on board and used in the construction.

As we were both busy at work at the time, Andrew took care of everything, including arranging quotes with tradesmen, dealing with structural engineers and our architect and our certifier.

Andrew and the team always left the building site clean and tidy and even spoke to all of our neighbours prior to the work commencing. In fact one of our neighbours liked the boys so much that she cooked them scones each afternoon.

Andrew’s tradesmen were of exceptional quality and always turned up as agreed. His team were hard workers and as a result, the job was completed well ahead of schedule.

Andrew kept us well abreast of when expenses would fall due and there were no budgetary surprises.

We are over the moon with the end result and would recommend Good Foundations Building to anyone.”

~ Cameron Harris & Anna Town

CHURCH POINT – Internal renovation and remedial works

“Good Foundations Building, with Andrew Johnson as proprietor, managed the renovation of our home at 116 McCarrs Creek Road, Church Point, over the first six months of 2009. This project involved, among other things: extensive engineering works to stabilise the foundations, resolve soil slumping and water ingress, and enable installation of bi-fold doors; reconfiguration and replacement of two bathrooms and the kitchen; extensive changes and additions to cabinetry; landscaping works; replacement of windows and installation of an additional skylight; and extensive electrical and plumbing changes.

The engineering works were mostly unexpected because our previous site & buildinq inspection failed to detect the issues that subsequently (and definitely) needed to be addressed. The results of all this work are simply outstanding. All work has been undertaken professionally and to the highest standards. We are thrilled with the result, notwithstanding the frustrations of the extra engineering work that neither we nor Andrew expected at the outset.

Andrew is straightforward, honest, courteous, understanding and respectful of owners’ wishes, needs and circumstances. There was no “spin” during the quotation and contractual negotiation stages – just simple, honest, detailed appraisal and a promise to work closely with us and deliver a good quality job. In the course of the project, Andrew consulted with us (and other professionals where necessary) before making decisions to deal with the inevitable exigencies that occurred. He ensured we obtained independent advice to support the need for the additional engineering work. Importantly, we were fully in control of the job despite being nearly 1000 kilometres away most of the time but were not pestered by endless queries and were confident in our delegations to Andrew. His quotes and invoices were timely, detailed, fully documented and in accordance with expectation from discussions with him, quantity surveying estimates and comparisons with other suppliers. He supervised his team closely throughout the job.

Good Foundations’ employees and subcontractors all proved to be excellent tradesmen. They did what was promised in accordance with initial undertakings about materials, time, cost and outcome. They were also courteous to us, our architect, friends and their colleagues. Their tiling subcontractor was exceptional – by far the best tiling work I’ve had done and seen anywhere. Variations to building contracts are always difficult and contentious. Our job required a number of variations – some due to the issues noted above and others due to our seizing opportunities for improvement that arose during the course of the work. Andrew was consistently professional, informative and understanding, he procured extra professional advice where required, he strove to keep costs down and gave us options to do so. Additional costs were incurred and invoiced fully in accordance with initial contractual arrangements.

I have already recommended Andrew Johnson and Good Foundations Building to friends and colleagues. I have done so unreservedly on the basis of favourable comparison with my experience in many previous building and renovation projects and my broader extensive engagement in the industry over many years. Andrew Johnson and Good Foundations Building are exceptionally good at their craft, honest, reliable and economical. I commend them highly.”

~ Owen Donald & Pamela Catty