North Willoughby

Second floor addition, rear extension and pool

This Heritage listed home was a large first floor addition and ground floor extension. The upper storey consisted of 3 bedrooms, a bathroom and Ensuite. The ground floor comprised of a new kitchen, living and dining, laundry and main bathroom. The living room and kitchen opened out to a new deck and pool which was built by Infinity Pools.

Location: North Willoughby
Construction: 5 Months
Architect: Sue Connor Architects

"We embarked on our first renovation project with some apprehension and trepidation. This was quickly overcome when we were exposed to the efficient, professional and friendly service displayed by Andrew and the Good Foundations team. Andrew was patient with our inexperience, consulted with us on every decision, advised us on finishes and assisted wherever possible. The end result, delivered on time and on budget, was a fabulous, contemporary addition which was in-keeping with the heritage listing of the house. We are frequently complimented on not only the complimentary renovation but also the clever workmanship of both the interior and exterior of our home. Having had such a positive experience with our first renovation we wouldn’t hesitate on embarking on another one and would insist on Good Foundations Building and their extended family of tradesmen and skilled workmen being a part of all future projects."

~ Mary & Duncan